About Us 

FitTroop is an innovative personal training company based in Brisbane. With our extensive training experience and university based qualifications, we can offer exceptional personal training services.

To contact us, simply use the details below:

Email: farkas@fittroop.com.au

Phone: 0400 630 601 


Who am I?

My name is Farkas Pungur and I am the founder of FitTroop. I might be an awarded sportsman, but my job is to help you to learn a new lifestyle in which you can live happily and healthily and that is what I do best.

I’m originally from Hungary and moved to Australian with my wife in 2004 as expert gymnastics coaches. We have four young kids, all born in Australia.

I grew up in Hungary under the regime of the Soviet Union which actually had many positive sides; one of which was a great sporting life supported by the government.

I started with gymnastics at age 4 and was selected from 30 kids during a full year selection process. Was I lucky? No, I was talented for the sport. At age 9-11 we won the National titles many times in the group event. We trained over 20 hours each week.

If you are interested to find out more about my gymnastics life, try to get the movie “White Palms”.

I have competed in and won many titles in gymnastics, short distance athletics, break dancing, european handball and swimming.

I Earned a

  • Master’s Degree in Physical Education - Hungary
  • Bachelor Degree in Gymnastics Sport Coaching -Hungary
  • Exchange Student in Sport Science - Graz, Austria
  • Diploma in Fitness
  • High Performance Gymnastics Coach - Gymnastics Australia
  • Certification as a Stunt Actor
  • Certification as an Acrobatic Dancer
  • Certification as a Rescue Diver

I have worked in Australia as a:

  • Personal Trainer since 2005
  • Artistic and Acrobatic Gymnastics coach since 2004 which has included many state and national titles and selection for International stream

I have previously worked as a:

  • Stunt man
  • Aerial flyer and Acrobatic adage dancer on ocean liners in the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas
  • Acrobatic/Tumbling teacher for dance schools

My best achievements:

As a personal trainer:

  • Have change peoples life and lifestyle
  • Working with young mums after birth
  • Client has lost over 26 Kg
  • Successful rehabilitations on ankles, knees, shoulders, back, neck, etc
  • Working with people from age 24-84
  • No client has ever left me due to un-professionalism

As a coach:

  • Artistic gymnasts have reached Level 10 (the highest in Australia on the National stage)
  • Acrobatic gymnasts selected in the Australian team in Mixed Pair and invited to the Acrobatics World Cup in France achieving 5th place in 2008 and to Belgium in 2011.
  • Two junior Women Trio Acrobatic gymnasts selected in the Australian team in 2008 for the 5th Age group World Championship in Scotland 2008 reaching 10th and 13th places. Other junior trio has secured places in the Australian International selected team.
  • Many medal places in the National Acrobatic Gymnastics championships since 2004
  • Received the "Best Coach of the Year" award in Queensland in 2008 and 2012 presented by Gymnastics Queensland. Also, "Coach of the Year" at my gymnastics club in 2005 and 2008


I do agree that “The best sportsman is not necessarily the best coach” but some personal experience can’t hurt either!