Our Services

What do we offer?

  • Education about what, when and how to eat

  • Help for you to understand the importance of exercise

  • Instructions for you on when and how to exercise

  • Professionally written monthly or fortnightly exercise programs (for online consultation)

  • Follow up contact to hear about your success and achievements

  • Money savings through affordable hourly rates

  • Personal meetings in Brisbane, or through the internet

The programs we make are designed to meet your individual needs and goals, but without your hard work it will be nothing else but just a waste of money and time. We will keep you motivated and you will enjoy the rewards of your new fit and healthy lifestyle!

Our current clients:

  • Aged from 22-84, both males and females
  • 50% are mothers who have recently given birth and would like to get back in shape, some are still breast-feeding.
  • Doctor, Housewives, Publicists, Developers, ex rugby union players, etc. Each individuals programs are tailor made to suit their needs.

Our specialist trainer, Farkas Pungur is also able to coach ordinary gymnasts all the way through to world class gymnasts.

You will begin as an ordinary person and you can become an educated, fit person who is aware of her/his own body.