Personal Training

  • Help to achieve your goal/s in a sorter time frame trough a training plan and will take into account your genetic and health “needs” (gender, age, physical condition, health problems, special needs)
  • Help you to stay motivated and focused
  • Help and Teach you the correct and safe way to do exercises
  • Help and Teach you how, when and what to eat
  • Help to guide you through the millions of exercises
  • Help you to answer and/or find the right answers to all of your questions regarding training, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle or anything regarding health and fitness

For a good personal trainer the most important professional challenge is fitness and illness-prevention for everybody.

To see more information about the personal training that we offer, please click on any of the sections listed below


Personal Training

Would you like to train outside in the open air?
If you live in Brisbane's Northern suburbs (eg. Alderley, Bardon, etc), City, orSouth Brisbane (eg. Indooroopilly, Chelmer, Yeronga, etc), then we will be able to travel to you or to your area.
Training session fee: $80/session or 10 sessions for $750 (you save $50)


Pilates Instruction

  • 1 on 1 or group Pilates sessions to improve your core strength.
  • Pilates can help you to speed up your recovery time after injury, surgery or pregnancy.
  • Take advantage of the "hands on" sessions and learn how to do real Pilates.


Group training / Mothers group

If you want:

  • Someone else to train with 
  • To share the cost of personal training, but still get the same great value
  • To have a little bit more break and be able to catch up with friends during your training
  • To have your own and your friends kids with you and not have to pay for a babysitter while you are exercising

Then group training is the most suitable for you!

I will be able to travel to you or to your area for only $20 per session per person for up to 4 people.
Training session fee: $80/session or 10 sessions for $750 (you save $50)


Weight loss

Please let me help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle change with Dietitian Information and Exercise plans


Pregnancy Training

It is very important not to stop exercising during pregnancy. There are different training methods and techniques have to be involved depending on the trimester you are in. If you were exercising before and during pregnancy you will have an easier pregnancy/birth and your recovery will be faster as well. As your core muscles will be stronger, your back pain/injury will be less than if you didn’t exercise.
During exercise the baby will receive more oxygen because the blood circulation will be greater; this will help for a healthy development of your fetus. 

Training session fee: $80/session or $750 for 10 sessions (you save $50)



To improve your flexibility you need to do stretching exercises. As you grow older you loose your flexibility and strength, which can cause loss of balance. This can lead to falls, broken bones and major injuries or even death. Many of these major injuries require operations or surgeries to correct and the rehabilitation time can stretch out to years.

I offer you different stretching movement exercises from:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics

Training session fee:
$40 for half hour session
$80 for one hour session or $750 for 10 sessions (you save $50)


Corporate training

Corporate training is for work places where you would like you and your colleagues to:

  • Get to know each other from a different “angle”
  • Build team spirit
  •  Have more energy for you and your employees to work
  • Avoid or reduce sick leave as much as possible

For this type of training we would come to your work place (if you have enough free space to work with) or come to the closest park to your workplace for the sessions. 

If there are showers available at your work, then corporate training before going to work is a great option. If everyone finishes at the same time, after work is another good time to exercise and relieve your stress.

Corporate training sessions can include up to 20 people.

Training session fee: $85/session* or 10 sessions for $750 (you save $100)
*Additional $20 for weekend sessions


Special needs training

There are a lot of people with special needs who would like to or need to do training with a specialist but can’t travel to a fitness club or might not want to for a personal reason.

If you are one of these people, then contact us so we can help you out.

Your training is just as if not more important than people without a special need!

Training fee: $80/session or 10 sessions for $750 (you save $50)


Bride to be

Look your best for the best and most planed day of your life:

  • Lose weight
  • Tone up
  • Get fit in a short time

For more information please contact us using the form provided on the right hand side of the page


Troop camp

Troop camps start at the every beginning of every school term.
For more information please contact us using the form provided on the right hand side of the page


Young adults training

  • If you are a fit person and you would like to teach you kid/s the same healthy lifestyle with some exercises guided by a professional trainer
  • If you would like your child or young adult to lose weight and not become another average Australian teenager
  • If your child or young adult is planing to be studying or working in the Australian Defense Forces
  • If your child or young adult is interested in any sport and she/he needs some more specialized training to achieve their goals and dreams
  • ...then look no further!

We offer personal consultations at the place of your choice for anyone who lives in Brisbane's Northern suburbs (eg. Alderley, Bardon, etc), City, or South Brisbane (eg. Indooroopilly, Chelmer, Yeronga, etc).

Training session fee: $80/session or 10 sessions for $750 (you save $50)












A good health and fitness professional is important in your life and training regime because they can: